A little about me...

First, thank you for visiting my website! I bet you're wondering how the name Llama Does came to be. Well, I had a corporate job (that was not my passion) where we used Outlook a lot. Every time I typed my initials, autocorrect changed it to llama. (Thanks, Microsoft.) One of the older gentlemen ran with it and the rest is history. (Thanks, JL.)

My husband has a corporate job, except he actually likes his (most of the time). His true passion is photography and some of the photos on my site are his. You can view more on his website: http://treyamickphotography.com. I've begun to pick up his hobby, so some of the photographs are mine. Some of the photos are a collaboration. 

We have two schnauzers, Remington (call sign: Remy) and Samuel Colt (call sign: Sammy Colt). We got Remy as a 5-month old runt-of-the-litter. He has adjusted well to having an endless supply of kibbles and garden veggies: adjusted all the way to 25 pounds at age 7! If we'd known he'd be such a tank, we'd have named him Bradley. Remy resides with his Gramps and Gams on the farm in Virginia. Sammy Colt (IG: @sammy_colt_schnauzer) is Texan born and raised. At 9 months, he weighs 13 pounds and loves to walk (unlike his brother). They're both spectacular schnugglers. 

We are currently based in Northern Virginia and enjoy finding all it has to offer when we aren't working or traveling. In my spare time, I garden and make pickles. I have always loved pickles. As a very small child, I can remember eating gherkins by the jar full and eating my grandmother's beet pickles until my mother was scared. This wasn't a phase; my love for pickles is my lifelong obsession. As an adult, I balked at prices of gourmet pickles - that is until I began making my own and began to respect the craft.

Llama Does is a place to share our adventures and experiences. I hope they inspire you.