Jasper National Park

The squawking crows woke us and we did our morning things. I also repacked the car and forced mom to condense the unnecessary items into one bag - rather than having to unload 4 small bags, I could just unload one. 

We headed into the town of Jasper and ate muffins and coffee from Bear's Paw Bakery. We wandered through more tourist shops and finally to the grocery store. We picked up sandwich fixings and some fresh fruit.

Off we headed towards Maligne Lake. We stopped at Maligne Canyon where the water rushes through violently. We stopped at medicine lake where mom gleefully chatted up the park rangers for free stickers. After finally arriving at Maligne Lake, we ravenously devoured our sandwiches before heading off on a quick hike.

The sky turned ominous and we headed back to our campground. It hadn't rumbled yet, so we stopped at Fifth Bridge and walked a few more miles to Sixth Bridge and back. We made up a song, "ain't no bear gonna eat me today, no way no way." (Very similar to Buckwheat's pickle song on The Little Rascals.) 

After finally arriving at our campsite, we made our dehydrated dinner in the Jetboil. Shortly after tucking in, the rain came.

  • Day 22 stats: 71 miles, 0 (new) states, 0 (new) NPS, 22 Subarus.
  • Running stats: 3,717 miles, 10 states, 23 NPS, 1,283 Subarus.