Muncho Lake, BC to Teslin, YT

Again, we set out at some ridiculous time in the wee hours of the morning; before even the front desk had an attendant.  Early mornings bring the quiet, the still, and the calm: simple beauties.


While mom was still getting ready, I wandered down to the shore of Muncho Lake where the water taxis, bush planes, or whatever you want to call them sat on the still morning water. The gas station (also at the lodge) was still closed and would be for several more hours, but looking through the Milepost book, I determined we could make it to the next town with a gas station. The attendant came out and even pumped the gas for me and gave me a free bumper sticker. 

We crossed over into the Yukon Territory and stopped at the Sign Post Forest. I grabbed a few shots before shoving my camera under my raincoat to shield it from the large, splatting drops.

Back in the car and stopping a rest area, we met this sly fox who tried his best to guilt snacks from us. He was very tame and I fear that he was someone's pet and they dropped him off there or someone regularly visits him with snacks. Either is a bad scenario for an animal in the wild. 

We headed onto towards Teslin, but not before stopping at these falls for a quick stretch of the legs. Once in Teslin, we visited the George Johnston Museum. George was part of the Tlingit Nation and was the owner of the first car in Teslin. Quite the pioneer, he also owned a camera and fancied himself a photographer. It was wonderful looking through his black and whites at the museum. 

Back at the Yukon Motel (also the town's restaurant) we checked into our room and I caught up on editing photos and writing, all the while hearing a boisterous conversation from an intoxicated group. 

  • Day 25 stats: 329 miles, 1 state, 0 (new) NPS, 10 Subarus.
  • Running stats: 4,811 miles, 12 states, 24 NPS, 1,317 Subarus.