Palmer, AK

Surprisingly, Palmer has a lot to offer...especially when you have errands to run. And errands we ran in the little town nestled between mountains.

We'd planned on visiting Hatcher Pass for some hikes and Matanuska Glacier, but its been raining for days. Thus, a lack of pictures. After the post office, we headed over to the Colony House Museum which caused Mom to reminisce her childhood. From there, we headed to the Palmer Museum and Gallery which had a Women in Politics photography exhibit going up. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see most of Melina Mara's photography as the frames were scattered around waiting to be hung. Maybe we will get to go back to see the full exhibit. 

We ate lunch at Vagabond Blues, the cutest cafe, whose name suited our mood. I believe we are both ready to come home. However, the rest of our travel is non-refundable, and we only have about 34 more days to enjoy our crazy road trip. After lunch, we perused the cute little shops like Fireside Books and visited Bleeding Heart Brewery where cows and yardbirds greet new patrons.

We returned back to Jinks' amazing place where Amazon had surprisingly delivered my new computer gadget. I eagerly set to work on my photos and website. 

On Friday, we realized that we'd forgotten an errand while we waited on FedEx to deliver some documents for mom. We headed over to the library to print some more documents and happened upon Friday Flings - a little pop up market in Palmer. We bought some fresh golden raspberries and snacked on them as we set out to find a notary public. En route to our first suggested notary, we stopped at Target so I could get my prescriptions refilled. After a 90-day fill request, was granted, I have successfully eliminated the need for unnecessary Target stops and wasted time. 

Striking out on notary suggestion one, we headed to suggestion 2. No luck, but they informed us of the UPS Store just outside of town who provides notary service for a fee. Yay! To the UPS Store for document notary and shipping. Once we returned to Jinks' place, mom had another set of documents waiting, so we headed back to the UPS Store, for the second time, to use their FedEx drop. Yes, there is a FedEx box at the UPS Store. We stopped for an early bird dinner at Palmer City Alehouse before retiring to Jinks' adorable farmhouse for the evening. We're thankful all of the chores are done until Monday, when I have to meet an assigned notary to sign closing documents on our home sale in Texas. 

  • Days 36-37 stats: 41 miles, 0 (new) states, 0 (new) NPS, 108 Subarus.
  • Running stats: 6,806 miles, 13 states, 29 NPS, Subarus 2,450.