Palmer & Hatcher Pass, AK

On Sunday morning, I was eager to try Jinks' blueberry sourdough pancakes. Mom was eager to go to church and fellowship with kindred spirits.

In true Gloria fashion, she was late; she'd gone straight instead of turning and ended up in Hatcher Pass instead of Wasilla. After a call to set her on the right track, she was in her words, "Invited to the side of the road by the nice officer" for speeding. He then escorted her to church. I know. I know. I should have driven her. The world did not end, though. 

I was finally able to somewhat breathe by the time everyone returned from church. Thank you decongestants, Flonase, and Allegra. In hopes of full airflow, mom and I ran out for Thai food. Full of Thai curry (mine with extra chiles), we rested for most of the afternoon. Finally around 4:30, I could breathe again and so we did some sofa lounging and watched the beautiful sunset against Pioneer Peak. Feeling adventurous, I wandered to the edge of the marsh to get a better view. My sneakers gained some squish and not the good kind. Oh well. 

After a breakfast of the best (hands down the absolute best) biscuits and gravy I've ever eaten, mom and I headed off to meet the notary. I signed the closing documents for the Texas home sale  and Trey and I are free at last! Mom and I headed over to Hatcher Pass to wander around the Independence Mine. Once up the mountain, the drizzle began again and it was a cold 48 degrees. The views were spectacular and we endured the cold to enjoy them. 

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