Denali Zip Line

Way back in the Tetons, Mom declared that she wanted to go zip lining. I laughed and said, "yeah, we'll do that" thinking she'd change her mind. Nope... 

I made reservations for us to go on a 3 hour zip line excursion with Denali Park Zipline Tours, but before we zipped, we checked out of the Denali Princes and bid farewell to the line dancing elephants. 

We drove to the Mountain Vista Trail on the Denali Road and walked around in the 38 degree air hoping to catch a glimpse of Denali. The mountain continues to elude us. Heading back, we decided to stop at Denali Park Village, just south of the park, and to our surprise they had an available room for that evening. (Did I previously mention that we lacked accommodations for tonight?) Mom's constant questioning for a discount paid off and we got the room for 30% less than the normal rate. Yay! 


We headed off to our adventure at Denali Park Zipline. We loaded into a van and rode a few miles out of town where we hopped into ATV's. Once sufficiently in the woods, we stepped into our harnesses and put on our helmets. There were 7 or 8 zips of which the longest was over 600 feet! On the last we raced and I won, but we both had a blast. 

  • Day 43 stats: 56 miles. 0 (new) states, 0 (new) NPS, 49 Subarus.
  • Running stats: 7,317 miles, 13 states, 30 NPS, 2,788 Subarus.