A Quick Trip to Georgia

Some of you may know, Trey’s Uncle Steve has been battling stage 4 cancer so we’ve all been spending time off and on in Georgia. The entire family took a weekend trip to visit and celebrate Nana’s 90th Birthday! (Nana is Trey’s grandmother.) 

One may ask, “what is an appropriate gift for a 90-year-old who still lives alone in her giant home?” My first thought was a coffin. (I’m going to hell, I know.) Trey purchased plants and I redid all of her derelict planters and positioned them where she can see them from where she sits on her sofa. (Apparently Steve usually does this at Easter every year, except this year.) Doesn’t she have the cutest planters? I’m swooning over the one with the faces!!! 

This led to me redoing the giant planter in front of Steve’s house and making the flower arrangements for Nana’s birthday party. Sometimes you have these trips where it’s mostly about things that need to be done rather than the fun things you want to do. Sometimes you need to do things solely for you. That’s okay. Sometimes it feeds your soul to feed another’s. 🙂 

Nana’s party was beautiful as is she. We headed out on our 10 hour drive home early Sunday morning.