Yellowstone National Park to Jackson, WY

Due to the bison traffic directors yesterday, we didn't make it to Old Faithful. The end all be all was to see Old Faithful today. Success! 

Luckily we only had to wait about half an hour for the next eruption. (I didn't know that the post the estimated eruption times in the visitor center.) While waiting I had a bit of cell service and Googled geyser times for Old Faithful and guess what... There is a website dedicated to just geyser times. Check it out at geyser I wish that I'd had the time to see more than one eruption, but I'm sure that will happen on my next trip to Yellowstone. We crossed over the Continental Divide and headed for the Tetons. 

Our plan was to camp at Tetons for two nights, but well... mom wasn't too keen on the idea. Instead of stopping in Tetons, I drove straight to Jackson Hole (with a few photo stops of course).  At one of those stops, my knee and a boulder had a disagreement while I tried to swat a mosquito. The camera was unscathed; my knee tells a different story. 

We ended at Kudar Motel and there was room at the inn, which opened for business in the 1930s. We wandered through Jackson Hole and ate a late lunch at Lotus Organic. Afterwards, we headed back to the motel as I was beyond excited to have high speed internet (evidenced by the 3 blog posts published). Turns out it was a very good thing we didn't camp, because a huge thunderstorm rolled through about 9pm. Tree limbs were down everywhere, but I had high speed internet. We are in dire need of a laundromat. 

  • Day 10 stats: 136 miles, 0 (new) states, 1 NPS; 100 Subarus.
  • Running stats: 2,339 miles, 7 states, 13 NPS; 244 Subarus.