Jackson Hole, WY to Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls... the disappointment of disappointments. Their Target has no pharmacy which was the entire reason we drove south. The Hilton Garden Inn's guest laundry shrunk ALL (yes, ALL) of my clothes. I will take this point to remind you that I packed limited clothing to last me 4+ months... where do I begin?

Oh yes, in Jackson Hole. We ducked out of the Kudar Motel just after I set the trend for boiling water for tea on the Jetboil. We made a quick stop at the Bunnery Bakery & Restaurants for pastries. Next stop, gas station... I've fixed the tire pressure sensor... Turns out all you need is the right amount of air in the tires and that if you want to ensure something was done correctly, do it yourself. (Thanks, Dad, for those life skills!) Made a quick stop at Hungry Jack's General Store in Wilson, WY for some bananas and postcards for mom. On the road again... We saw hot air balloons rising for a morning tour of the Tetons. I can't imagine how beautiful that would have been at sunrise! 

We drove through the Targhee National Forest and stopped at the Emporium in Victor, ID for a huckleberry milkshake. We headed on and saw the Spuds Drive in Theater in Driggs, ID. We stopped at the Teton Dam Historic Site and then we headed onto Idaho to take in some of the amazing scenery and decided to head south to Idaho Falls to the nearest Target so I could pickup my prescriptions. I currently live in suburbia where all Targets have pharmacies; it never dawned on me that this Target wouldn't have a pharmacy. Good news is that in a few days we'll be in Missoula, MT and they have a Target with a pharmacy. We decided to find a hotel and a laundromat. Bonus... we found a Hilton Garden Inn with a guest laundry. While I caught up on blog posts and photos, mom did laundry. I received a panicked call about the clothes being too hot to touch and I caught the next elevator down. Seriously, the clothes were too hot too touch - not to mention - too small to fit us. The dryer shrunk all of my bottoms and one of mom's. After an unsatisfactory conversation with the front desk (in which they were unwilling to put an out of order sign unit the dryer could be tested), we headed to dinner. After dinner I walked down to the Snake River's Idaho Falls to take a few photos and gratefully the roaring water deadened the sound of most frustrations. Tomorrow we are off to Salmon, Idaho and hopefully to stretch out our clothes that are 2 sizes smaller than yesterday. 

  • Day 11 stats: 137 miles, 1 state, 2 NPS; 227 Subarus. 
  • Running stats: 2,576 miles, 8 states, 15 NPS; 471 Subarus.