Idaho Falls, ID to Salmon, ID

Turns out the historic district of Idaho Falls will charm your socks off with its beautiful walking park just on the other side of the river. After grabbing some pastries at La Vanilla Bean, we headed towards Salmon. 

We passed through the Idaho National Labs territory that is responsible for an unknown amount of government secrets. We made a stop at the EBR-I Atomic Museum. We had the most enthusiastic tour guide who used phrases like finagle a bagel and taught us about nuclear fission and the many uses of uranium. Its worth a drive to go see him run this presentation! 


We headed north - through more INL land - on a road that seemed flat and endless. We passed the 45th Parallel. There was little traffic until we reached Salmon.


In Salmon, we visited the Sacajewa Interpretive Center and learned about the cartography instruments and methods used by Lewis & Clark. Arthur, the docent, recommended Bertram's Brewery for dinner. After checking into the Stagecoach Motel and very tired of driving, we walked across the Salmon River - on a pedestrian bridge, of course - to Bertram's. It was definitely worth the walk! I was super impressed with their barley wine and mom's hazelnut ale. I would love to visit again. After internet frustrations, I went to bed early to the sounds of the Salmon River. 

  • Day 12 stats: 206 miles, 0 (new) states, 2 NPS; 52 Subarus.
  • Running stats: 2,782 miles, 8 states, 17 NPS; 523 Subarus.