Calgary, AB to Banff National Park

We drove from Calgary to Banff which is only about an hour on the Trans-Canada Highway. The Canadian Rockies rose tall, rugged, and majestic. And I didn’t take a single picture.

Nothing could do it justice and a tourist reel isn’t an authentic experience. I've also been frustrated with my photography since Idaho Falls - creative block, conveying the real image, making them more than snapshots, etc. 

We stopped in Canmore so mom could try Tim Hortons. After our Timbits, coffee and a quick grocery run for Dave's Killer Bread and peanut butter, we headed onto Banff. (It's really almond butter, but I call all of it peanut butter.)

Went to the Whyte Museum which was amazing to learn the history of Banff. They also exhibit hundreds of paintings done by the Whytes who were both classically trained painters, but explorers at heart. If you're ever in the area, I recommend it. I bought a book about the women pioneers of the Rockies and I'm excited to start it after I finish Girl in the Woods by Aspen Matis and another book on photography that I'm reading. 

We walked the downtown while we waited for our hotel room to be ready and ate lunch at Block. Mom was so excited about the duck poutine (french fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy) that she had seconds and thirds! We also had a lovely salad. 

We walked some more and perused more shops. Mom decided to get her haircut…yes, on vacation… I wasn’t planning on sticking around to endure this, so I went to check into the hotel. The front desk clerk was super helpful and booked our gondola rides for tomorrow. 

I walked back to collect mom and her hair actually turned out very nice. We walked some more and perused more shops. (Its okay is she wants to walk in every tourist gift shop, because this is her trip.) We stopped into Park Distillery for drinks and a small bite. (Yes, there is a distillery in a national park in Canada.) I got the coolest souvenir t-shirt that says, “The Boss”. I bought Trey a bottle of espresso vodka. 

We walked back to our hotel for the evening because we have an early morning tomorrow on the gondola. 

  • Day 19 stats: 80 miles, 0 (new) states, 1 NPS 
  • Running Stats: 3,450 miles, 10 states, 21 NPS.