Seward, AK to Palmer, AK

The fog densely hung onto the fjord as we left Seward. Dense fog seems to be a trend in Alaska.

At our first stop we hiked (or should I say "walked"), the Byron Glacier Trail in the Chugach National Forest which is only about a mile. Glaciers are so large that microclimates exist within a few miles. Closer to the glacier, it was hot and steamy and could have been mistaken as a rainforest. While it was cool and breezy a mile away. Regardless, it was quite beautiful to be surrounded on all sides by mountains and glaciers.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Yes, that's where these photos are from. Hopefully, I see some in the wild and am able to photo those, but just in case, I had to get a photo of a moose and a caribou. You're welcome, Aunt Jane.  

We continued north to the Snowgoose Pond Bed and Breakfast in Palmer, AK. Imagine all of the good qualities of Paula Dean, Julia Child, Ina Garden, and Martha Stewart all rolled into one and you get Jinks, our hostess. Her farmhouse smells of freshly baked scones and sits on a pond with breathtaking mountain views. 

  • Day 34 stats: 187 miles, 0 (new) states, 0 NPS, 116 Subarus.
  • Running stats: 6,649, 13 states, 29 NPS, 2,205 Subarus.