Seward, AK

We took a Kenai Fjords tour (by boat) to see the most beautiful places and I fed the jellyfish. Yes, from the back of the boat.

We booked this day cruise before we left Texas and were very much looking forward to it... until we hit the open, choppy, Alaskan seas. Myself, along with 20 others (at least), congregated at the stern where we took turns leaning over the side, sipping ginger ale, and tossing back Dramamine. 

Apparently, we saw humpback whales - or so I hear the captain announce over the loudspeaker. We did see (and I can confirm) a black bear, sea otters, sea lions, orcas, and jellyfish. We saw more beautiful landscapes and glaciers also.  This was an all day affair and unfortunately, I wasn't able to take many photos. We made it back to shore about 7pm where we promptly turned in for the evening. 


  • Day 33 stats: 8 miles, 0 (new) states, 0 (new) NPS, Subarus
  • Running stats: 6,462 miles, 13 states, 29 NPS, Subarus