Soldotna, AK to Homer, AK

Who knew so many RV's could fit on such a tiny piece of real estate???? They're all there for the fish, but so tightly packed, you'd think they were sardines.

Yes, I'm talking about the spit. Before the spit was coffee at Kaladi Brothers Coffee. Wow. Just wow. "Just a kid from Alaska" started this roasting company in 1986 and has been providing beans to the state since. Coffee in hand, we headed over to the Wash N Dry for you guessed it...laundry. This was seriously the cleanest laundromat I have ever been in.  Back on the road, we headed south to Homer. 

The fog lingered on Kachemek Bay all day, but it was Saturday so beachgoers and subsistence fishers were not deterred. We stopped at Bishops Beach on the Beluga Slough where Bandit the dog was happy for his Saturday beach walk. We headed onto the spit - a very narrow, 4.5 miles strip of land at the very end of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula - to get some lunch. It may be easier to find parking in Washington, D.C. or downtown Charleston. After finally finding parking, we stopped at Fresh Catch Cafe where I had an interesting exchange with the waiter. (He assumed that since I was a female that I didn't have knowledge of what kind of beer I liked.) After finishing our lunch, we stopped into Carmen's gelato and guess who scooped our gelato.... yep, Carmen! How cool is that?!?! 

I'm sure you read Kachemak Bay and are wondering if we met the Kiltchers (from the tv show Alaska: The Last Frontier). Nope, but they live just outside of town and shop at Safeway (the grocery) just like the rest of us. They hunt and fish for food like everyone else in Alaska, but it's good to know that Safeway is just down the street too. 

We stopped again and walked around the Beluga Slough before heading back to our Airbnb for the evening.

  • Day 31 stats: 173 miles, 0 (new) states, 0 NPS, 290 Subarus.
  • Running stats: 6,326 miles, 13 states, 27 NPS, 2,017 Subarus.